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    KelseyBrae's powerful and clear vocals hover above melodic synth lines, smooth beats and and electric guitar riffs to create an element of mystery and wonder. Her combination of musical styles is
    paving way in a genre that can be described as Atmospheric, Dream / Indie Pop. With touches of acoustic ukulele and other percussion elements, her unique performance captivates and inspires
    listeners to come along in the journey of self discovery with her lyrics as the guide.


    After gaining recognition in the folk singer-songwriter scene in Berlin as a host for a weekly open stage, KelseyBrae is able to bring something new to the stage: a genuine exploration of the human experience through haunting harmonies,
    deep synth bass, and use of breath and silence.
    Hearing one song begs for another, as the listener is called into deeper reflection with each melodic lyric.


    Synth bass
    Abelton live- electronic elements
    Percussion- floor tom, drum machine

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